Earlier we used to attend interviews by presenting them our resume or the CV. Now that technology has been updating every day, we have to adapt to the on-going chances or else it is quite natural that we will be left behind. An interviewer will not have so much time to go through your resume and as well you will not have that space to showcase your talent on papers. So how about a Digital Portfolio? How to create a digital portfolio for an interview? This article provides the best answer to these questions.

Digital Portfolio? What is it?

Digital Portfolio is a digital representation of your work which can make it look better and convincing for the interviewer. The appearance always matters a lot. So Digital Portfolio is preferred and trending in today’s scenario.

Earlier Digital Portfolio was used by architects, passionate photographers, CADD Designers, and Contractors to showcase their work to their customers. So they used to make a video of their work and present it in front of their customers such that they get impressed with their work and place the order.  Digital Portfolio can be one of the ways of marketing yourself and upholding your works.


When you carry a digital portfolio there are chances wherein an interviewer may find u interesting as many of them doesn’t know about this. The way you present things matters a lot when you come up with a digital portfolio.

How to create a digital portfolio for an interview? An Interview portfolio comprises of six principle parts: a presentation, an expert foundation outline, STAR conduct models, grants and proposals, test solution(s), and an end page. While the content will be like what’s on your resume, the portfolio makes it a stride further to “show and tell” your abilities with explicit models. You will likely get the contracting supervisor to imagine you taking care of issues for him.  So you have to make slides out of which one should speak about your academics and history. Other slides should project mainly on the internships and Project works that you have made. The most of the content should speak about your project if you have done any.

Does it Really Help?

“I call it my fortunate introduction,” an expert says. “Pass on I would not have landed the positions I managed without it. As I kept on applying for limited time positions, it made me sound cleaned and expert and I immediately moved into claim to fame positions. It is my familiar object. Truly, I would feel bare going into a meeting without it!”

Hope the blog has covered all the points and answered How to create a digital portfolio for an interview? Stay connected us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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